Long time no see..

Tomorrow is my nutritional evaluation, one more step to getting surgery. Next I need to schedule my upper GI examination, then finally get all of my medical records faxed to the surgeon. Lastly schedule my next appointment with the surgeon for my evaluation and surgery date!

I estimate I’ll get my surgery some time in January, but I could be off.

I’ll admit, I have not been faithful to my work out/swimming, since the hospital issue I’ve been in a bit of a depression. I’m working my way out of it though.

Until next time..

The smell of apple-juice and death

I apologize for the lack of updates, though this time I do have a rather long update for anyone reading.

Last weekend I took a few days off of work to visit my mother and step-father in Clarksville TN, the hubby and I packed up and drove there. They’ve purchased a new house, and this was our first time visit. It was beautiful! A very nice sized house with 2 floors (2nd floor is a finished basement) and ample room for Mom and Mack. I enjoyed being with them. 

On Sunday morning I woke up with the chills really bad and a fever. My initial thought was that it was my leg; about 3 years ago I had a cellulitis infection in my left leg which caused the same symptoms, I was taken to the hospital and had an IV of painkiller and antibiotics and discharged within a few hours. 
I took a look at my leg and did not see any sign of swelling, and it was not sore. The family took care of me that day, and I went from a fever of 103.5 down to 98.5 on Monday morning. 
I assumed that since my fever broke that it was just a rogue flu or virus. 

Later that Monday we all packed up and went to the Oprymills mall in Nashville, I had wanted to go check it out. About halfway there I started to get the chills again and my fever started to rise, but I didn’t think much of it. We walked around the mall for a while, I in a wheelchair, and the fever kept getting worse along with the chills. We decided to pack it up and head back home to Moms.

When we arrived back to Moms we did notice swelling in my lower left leg, actually starting from the ankle and going up the back to the knee. This confirmed my fears, it was a re-infection from 3 years ago.

Chris packed us up and we headed back to Memphis, I was still feverish and very cold. When we arrived in Memphis he took me to the emergency room.
I arrived at Saint Frances Hospital in Bartlett at 10pm. The ER was not really packed, but it was busy. I got as comfortable as I could and relaxed until I was called. At about 12AM I was called for vitals. They took my vital sign and other information and I showed them the leg. They sent me back into the ER for further waiting.
2AM I was finally called in to be seen by the doctor. Unfortunately the hospital was packed full and did not have any rooms available, so they dumped me on a gurney and stored me in one of the trauma rooms. Talk about uncomfortable. 
About an hour or so later a nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV with fluids and morphine. I was out like a light. When I came to the doctor had come in and taken a look at the leg, he bluntly told me I was going to be in the hospital for a long time because it was bad. 

After attempting to sleep on the uncomfortable gurney we were told that finally a room was available at about 6PM. We moved into the room and it was slightly more comfortable. 

The next few days were pretty much a blur for me. I remember my lower lip being completely engulfed in fever blisters, as well as the entire inside of my mouth (roof and gums) being covered in blisters as well. I could not eat or drink anything. The IVs they put in kept needing to be re-done. The first one was set up in my wrist, the vein burst and fluids collected under my skin for hours, resulting in a large painful bump in my wrist which they had to drain. The second IV was put in less painfully, but did not stand up to me writhing about. 3rd IV was set by a pit-nurse who did an ultra-sound on my arm and put a very deep vein IV setup. It was very painful, especially considering the very powerful antibiotics they were using which burned my veins. 
This IV managed to stay in the longest.. but unfortunately I used my arm too much, moved it around, etc. The arm became swollen and numb from my wrist to my elbow. Blisters formed where the tubing and such was pressing up against my skin. They took it out and moved over to my right arm. Thankfully that was my last IV.

I recall mostly sleeping and watching TV, I was really uncomfortable sleeping on my back. I usually sleep on my sides due to all the weight being in front, and if I sleep on my back the weight tends to crush my innards. I slept the entire week on my back, and everything inside feels like it was beat up with a sledgehammer. I also had a hard time breathing, and no breathing assistance was provided (though partially my fault, I am supposed to use a CPAP for sleeping but refused because of all the other equipment). 

I remember the odd feeling of not being hungry even though I had not eaten anything for days. The nurse would bring me food and I would look at it and fall asleep, not eating a bite. Over the course of the entire week I may have eaten about a handful of food. This was due to the pain in my mouth.

After much painkilling and sleeping, I was finally released from the hospital on Saturday at about 8AM. I went home and relaxed and loved on my hubby and my 2 cats.

I’m at work now, feels good to be back. 

I’ve taken a few pictures while at the hospital. 
Here is a picture of my viewpoint from my bed in the room as well as me in the bed:

Here is a picture of the 3rd deep IV that was set:

Here is a picture of my lower-lip covered in blisters (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Here is a picture of the inside of my mouth covered in sores (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

Hi everyone, so…

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Nothing really too new to report. 

The pool opened back up at the gym I’m attending, so I can resume my water aerobics class. It’s been great to exercise finally, I feel quite refreshed afterwards.

I’m down to 355lbs as of my last weigh-in. Not a substantial loss but a loss none the less.

Monday v2.0

Tuesdays are just Mondays extended.

Not too much to talk about today, I’m still on my cycle, but the cramps are pretty much gone. I do not have any new news to report on my weight-loss surgery progress. I have been being more careful of what I eat, though I still need to work on quantity. 

I’m done talking for now. Here, have a picture of the frog that sits on my desk at work.


This weekend wa…

This weekend was pretty uneventful, I primarily played video games.

This morning I went for my psych evaluation. All went pretty well, I spilled my heart out to the psychologist, took some tests, pretty standard.

Back to work.

A Friday just as any other.

For the most part today has been pretty typical. I did receive a call from the Nutritionalist who needed to re-schedule my appointment on Monday due to family issues. That was absolutely perfect timing because I was in the process of looking for her number to re-schedule as well for financial reasons.

Monday I have my psychiatric evaluation. I’m not sure what to expect from that.

I’ve been in pain for most of the day due to menstrual cramps, I’ve found it hard to concentrate on anything. They’ve been coming in waves, right now it’s really bad, I feel like taking a pain pill and passing out. Thankfully the work day is almost over.